Corporate social responsibility

Export Credit Norway contributes to society by providing financing to projects with sustainable solutions which are environmentaly sustainable and socialy responsible. We follow all applicable national and international laws, and internationally recognized principles and guidelines, as part of our corporate social responsibility.

Export Credit Norway follows OECD’s guidelines for environmental and social responsibility “The Common Approaches for Officially Supported Export Credits and Environmental and Social Due Diligence”. All applications for financing are classified, assessed, and monitored based on a risk assessment of social conditions and environmental consequences. Our goal is to secure environmental and social responsibility in all projects to which we provide financing.

Export Credit Norway follows OECD’s principles and guidelines for sustainable lending practices in the provision of official export credits to low-income countries. These are designed to ensure that loans supported by export credit agencies (ECAs) are in line with the country’s development objectives, and to help prevent developing countries from building up an unsustainable level of foreign debt. Export Credit Norway also aims to increase companies’ awareness of corporate social responsibility by promoting the OECD’s guidelines to Multinational Enterprises.  In order to prevent corruption in connection with contracts to which Export Credit Norway provides financing, we have established internal guidelines based on both Norwegian criminal law and OECD's own guidelines to fight corruption, see: ”Recommendation on Bribery and Officially Supported Export Credits”.

In accordance with the money laundering principle: “know your customer”, Export Credit Norway evaluates all customers and individual projects in accordance with the regulations of the Norwegian Money Laundering Act.

Export Credit Norway shall be recognised for having by a high ethical standard. Potential ethical dilemmas are regularly discussed to increase awareness and continually improve our ethical guidelines. Export Credit Norway is to be trusted to act professionally and exercise correct judgments. 

Published 19.05.2013

Last changed 08.03.2014