New application portal now open

Export Credit Norway is constantly seeking to improve its services for Norwegian exporters and their customers. As part of streamlining our procedures, we have revised how we process loan applications.

If you wish to submit a loan application, you may do so via our new application portal. In a simple step-by-step process, you will provide information about the buyer, the exporter and the relevant product, service or project. You may sign the application at the time of submission, using Bank-ID, or later on. We are now longer able to accept applications sent by email.

If GIEK is to act as the main loan guarantor, you will not have to apply separately to GIEK, as Export Credit Norway and GIEK share the received data. Similarly, if you have already applied to GIEK, that application will be forwarded to Export Credit Norway.

In receipt of the exporter’s application, you will receive an indicative financing outline, which you may forward to the prospective buyer.

Two-part application

The application has two parts – the exporter’s and the buyer/borrower’s. The exporter typically completes its part first, followed by the buyer. Please note that GIEK and any other loan guarantors will not be able to begin their credit assessments until they have received the buyer’s application, including relevant credit information. It is important that at least one of the parties completes its part of the application before a commercially binding export contract is signed.

Do you have questions?

Please read the application FAQs or contact us.

Ivar Slengesol
Ivar Slengesol Director of Lending - Industry and Clean Technologies +47 991 14 110 +47 991 14 110
Olav Einar Rygg
Olav Einar Rygg Director of Lending - Ocean Industries +47 995 85 074 +47 995 85 074

Published 28. Nov 2017