Podcast: Promoting green Norwegian businesses abroad

“Renewable energy currently accounts for just 0.6 percent of all Norwegian exports.”

There is no doubt that Norway has benefited greatly from petroleum industry exports. While the sector is set to make an ongoing contribution for many years to come, Norway needs more than one source of income.

Could the revenues and knowledge generated by the petroleum industry help make Norway a leader in the renewables revolution and the green shift?

Hear Export Credit Norway’s Director of Lending – Industry and Clean Technologies, Ivar Slengesol, talk about the renewables industry, the Norwegian export industry’s strengths and challenges and customer financing as a sales argument in this thematic podcast published by the enerWE online energy news magazine.


  • Director of Lending – Industry and Clean Technologies Ivar Slengesol, Export Credit Norway
  • Founder and Development Director Chul Christian Aamodt, enerWE
  • Producer Cecilie Svabø, enerWE

This podcast features product placement by Export Credit Norway.

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Published 27. Aug 2018