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Larger environmentally-friendly cruise ferries

Fjord Line boosts cabin capacity by more than 20 per cent

A brand new top deck will provide room for 64 new cabins on each of the sister ships MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord.

A brand new top deck will provide room for 64 new cabins on each of the sister ships MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord.

Ever since Fjord Line’s two ships began servicing the Bergen-Stavanger-Hirtshals-Langesund route in 2013 and 2014, peak season has presented capacity challenges. Strong passenger growth has led the shipping company to expand both MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord.

“We are adding a brand-new top deck – Deck 10. Sixty-four new cabins and 210 new beds on each ship will improve our capacity significantly. This is vital for Fjord Line’s continued growth in the market for passenger and cargo services between Norway, Sweden and Denmark,” says Fjord Line CEO Rickard Ternblom.

The rebuild increases the ships’ cabin capacity by more than 20 percent. Photo: Jon Inge Nordnes

The extensive rebuild contract has been awarded to Fosen Yard in Rissa, Trøndelag County. After six weeks in dock, MS Stavangerfjord returned to service with her new deck on 13 December 2017. Now her sister ship, MS Bergensfjord, will undergo the same rebuild, with completion scheduled for 15 February 2018.

Fjord Line CEO Rickard Ternblom is pleased with the rebuild. Photo: Styrk Fjærtoft Trondsen

Luxury cabins

The new cabins are located at the front of the ships’ Deck 10, and many will be higher-category cabins offering panorama views and more space.

“This is an alternative for those who want their trip to include a touch of luxury. Here, you can enjoy fantastic views from the bow of the ship as part of the overall experience. The other cabins have been designed for freight passengers, solo travellers, couples and families,” says Ternblom. According to Fjord Line’s CEO, the rebuild has been an unqualified success thus far, both technically and for Fjord Line as a brand.


The new cabins offer guests luxurious surroundings. Photo: Jon Inge Nordnes

“This substantial increase in our cabin and bed capacity means that we are better equipped to meet peak demand,” says Ternblom. The expansion will boost cabin capacity on the route by over 20 percent, while the on-board buffet restaurants will be expanded by 114 new seats each.

Did you know…
Export Credit Norway has financed both the original construction and the rebuild of MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord. In the spring of 2015, the ships achieved the highest score in the Environmental Ship Index, competing against over 3,000 other vessels.

Cooperation with Export Credit Norway

Export Credit Norway is financing the ship rebuild, providing two loans of NOK 58 million each. The loans are guaranteed by GIEK (60%), Sparebanken Vest (20%) and Sparebank 1 SMN (20%).

“Export Credit Norway’s contribution has been vital for the rebuild project. On large projects like this, Fjord Line is entirely dependent on reliable partners. Export Credit Norway definitely falls into that category,” says Ternblom.


The on-board buffet restaurant has been expanded by 114 new seats. Photo: Jon Inge Nordnes

Impressive growth

Export Credit Norway and Fjord Line have worked together successfully for several years, with Export Credit Norway providing financing for the original construction of the two sister ships. Export Credit Norway’s Senior Vice President, Tellef Tellefsen, is impressed at the shipping company’s development in recent years.

“Having weathered some heavy seas, Fjord Line now definitely has the wind in its sails. We are pleased to observe the company’s positive growth, and proud to provide financing for the rebuild of these two environmentally-friendly vessels,” says Tellefsen.

We are pleased to observe the company’s positive growth.

Tellef Tellefsen, Export Credit Norway

Environmental investment

MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord are the first and largest cruise ferries in the world to be fitted with “single fuelled LNG engines”. These engines, which are driven by liquefied natural gas (LNG), produce far lower emissions to the environment than traditional engines burning heavy oil. This environmental investment ensures Fjord Line’s compliance with new, stricter emissions rules, and provides a significant environmental benefit to coastal areas and the four ports served by the cruise ferries.

MS Stavangerfjord

The rebuild of MS Stavangerfjord was completed in December 2017. Photo: Erik Ask

Facts about Fjord Line

  • Shipping company engaged in sea transport between Norway, Denmark and Sweden.
  • Experiencing strong growth fuelled by new ships and expanded passenger and cargo services.
  • Has substantial passenger and cargo capacity, catering to all types of utility and goods traffic. Freight services are handled by the company’s cargo departments in Norway and Denmark.
  • Established in 1993, and currently has around 750 employees.
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