Aqua Nor 2017

Seminar: Financing and insurance for the aquaculture industry, arranged by The Nor-Fishing Foundation.

10:30 Introduction, by The Nor-Fishing Foundation
10:40 How can Norwegian Export Financing facilitate more contracts? By Export Credit Norway and the Norwegian Export Credit Guarantee Agency
11:00 Bank financing of the aquaculture industry, by Den norske Bank (DnB)
11:15 The stock market as a source of funds, by Oslo Stock Market
11:30 Operational and project financing – what do we do about collateral? By Wikborg Rein Advokatfirma AS
11:45 Insurance and the aquaculture industry, by If Insurance
12:00 Where can you get help? Presentation of Innovation Norway and its worldwide network and services.
12:15 Closing of the seminar