1 Juli 2021

Export Credit Norway and GIEK will merge 1 July

Export Finance Norway (Eksfin) will be an accessible and effective supporter of the business sector

Export Finance Norway (Eksfin) will be launched on 1 July following the merger of GIEK and Export Credit Norway. The new agency will assist Norwegian businesses, foreign purchasers and their banks with a broad range of state-backed loans, guarantees and expert advice. All current schemes and commitments will continue under Eksfin, and the Norwegian State will maintain its existing obligations.

Government decision

Exports and international trade are crucial for continued welfare in Norway and the Norwegian economy. In September 2020, the Government decided to merge GIEK and Expert Credit Norway to form a new agency as of 1 July 2021.

The new agency will be called Export Finance Norway (abbreviated to Eksfin).

Simpler and more efficient

Export Finance Norway will combine the best of the two existing agencies, GIEK and Export Credit Norway. All financing schemes and services currently available to exporters and domestic businesses will continue, including transaction advice, loans and guarantee products.

Eksfin will function as a supplement to the private market, just as GIEK and Export Credit Norway have done to date.

Existing customers will be automatically transferred to Export Finance Norway, and open loans and guarantees will therefore be gathered in the new agency. Preparations are well underway.

What does the merger mean for customers?

  • Everything in one place. Guarantees, loans and all advisory services will be gathered in a single agency, and customers can therefore deal with just one partner regardless of whether loans or guarantees are involved.
  • Customers will still be able to apply for loans, guarantees or both after 1 July. The merger reduces the number of applications involved and thus creates a more efficient process for prospective customers.
  • Expert advice. The new, combined agency will have more advisers who can consider customer needs and give expert advice.
  • Backed by the Norwegian State. Current loans from Export Credit Norway and current guarantees from GIEK will be transferred to Eksfin automatically. The State will continue to underwrite loans and guarantees, including loans and guarantees issued before 1 July (attachment).
  • Customer briefing. Eksfin will be contacting customers individually by email with information on the merger and its effect on existing engagements.

New contact information and design

  • E-mail. All employees at GIEK and Export Credit Norway will receive new mail adresses firstname.surname@eksfin.no
  • Business registration number (reg.nummer). Our two existing registration numbers will be replaced by a new one for Eksfin.
  • Website. eksfin.no will replace eksportkreditt.no and giek.no. All our existing products, list of employees, news and more will be available there. Our profiles on LinkedIn og Facebook will also merge.
  • Logo for Eksfin will be public when we merge on 1 July.

Not a customer yet?

Please contact us with any export financing questions you may have. The websites eksportkreditt.no and giek.no will remain active until 1 July.

From 1 July, you will find us at eksfin.no.

Published 22. Apr 2021