Use Norwegian financing as a tool to land important contracts. We offer a variety of solutions tailored to your company’s needs:

Export financing

  • Loan from Export Credit Norway, covering up to 85 per cent of the export contract’s value
  • Terms up to 18 years, depending on project type.
  • All loans must be guaranteed by GIEK and/or banks. That means the guarantors issue a guarantee to compensate Export Credit Norway for possible losses if the borrower becomes unable to service the loan.

Export contract loans and guarantees (up to NOK 100 million)

  • Loan from Export Credit Norway, guarantee from GIEK and/or banks
  • One joint application form for Export Credit Norway and GIEK. One combined offer. Winning the contract is that much quicker!
  • Terms up to 18 years, depending on project type
  • For export contracts valued at less than NOK 50 million, the exporting company may choose to cover the lending risk not covered by GIEK, instead of a bank.

What must I know before applying?

  • The application consists of two forms: One that the exporter fills out and one that the buyer fills out. It makes no difference who completes the form first. What matters most is that one of the parties does this before the export contract is signed.
  • After we have received an application, Export Credit Norway will send an outline of financing that the exporter can use in the sales process.
  • For contracts valued at less that NOK 100 million, Export Credit Norway and GIEK offer a joint application form. It keeps you from having to apply in two places.
  • If necessary, we ask the parties for additional information.
  • The signing process takes place using Bank ID. Signing at a later time is also possible.

Is there something about the export financing application process you wonder about? Read questions and answers.

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