Ivar Slengesol on the enerWE podcast

Export Credit Norway’s Director of strategy and business development, Ivar Slengesol, was recently a guest on the energy industry’s thematic podcast, enerWE.

The export gap

  • Of all the OECD countries, Norway has suffered the greatest decline in market share in terms of export volume over the past 20 years.
  • Norway’s market share has halved since 1998.
  • Access to risk capital is essential in order for Norway to achieve greater industrial and export diversity.

You can hear Ivar Slengesol discuss Norway’s loss of market share relative to peers over the past 20 years with enerWE Founder and Development Director Chul Christian Aamodt here:

Listen on SoundCloud (Norwegian only) Read the full interview on enerWE.no

Published 29. Apr 2019