Terms and conditions for use of eksportkreditt.no

The website www.eksportkreditt.no (the “Website”) and its content and structure are wholly owned by Export Credit Norway, which reserves all rights to materials on the Website. Through your use of the Website, you undertake to comply with these terms and conditions. Website content may only be used for informational purposes.

Errors and deficiencies

The information on the Website is not intended to be complete, and is not kept updated and accurate at all times. Errors may arise. The materials on the Website should not be used as a basis for investment decisions, or be interpreted as an invitation to enter into a contract. We accept no liability in respect of any errors, inaccuracies or omissions on the Website. We also accept no liability for any direct or indirect losses, consequential losses or other losses or damage of any kind that may arise as a result of accessing or using the Website or its content. If you discover any errors or inaccuracies on the Website, please notify us by email (kontakt@eksportkreditt.no).

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to produce general user statistics, including on what pages are visited, what browsers are used and how much time is spent on the Website.


A cookie (or information capsule) is a small text file that is stored on a visitor’s computer or device when a website is loaded. Cookies can identify whether you have visited the site before, and can be used to analyse general website usage patterns. By using the Website, you agree that we may store cookies on your computer. You can withdraw your consent and delete all cookies from your browser at any time. We also use third-party cookies to provide visitors to the Website with relevant marketing information and a positive user experience.

Here is an overview of cookies used on the Website:

  • Cookieconsent – This cookie is created when you accept the use of cookies on the Website. It is deleted after one year.
  • _ga – Google Analytics – This cookie is used to distinguish between different visitors. It is deleted after two years.
  • gac – Google Analytics – This cookie contains campaign information about a visitor. If you have linked your Google Analytics and AdWords account, this cookie will read AdWords website conversion tags unless you choose to “opt out”. This cookie is deleted after 90 days.
  • _gid – Google Analytics – This cookie is used to distinguish between different users. It is deleted after 24 hours.
  • _gat – Google Analytics – This cookie is used to increase the request rate. It is deleted after one minute.
  • AMP_TOKEN – Google Analytics – This cookie contains a token that can be used to procure a client ID from the AMP Client ID service. It is deleted between 30 seconds and one year after use.
  • Hotjar cookies – These cookies measure, observe and collect data on visitor activity on the Website. See a complete list here. These cookies are deleted after one year.
  • pll_language – This cookie identifies a visitor’s current language setting (current options on the Website: EN and NO). It is deleted after one year.
  • EmarketeerPing – This cookie stores a unique key that only the eMarketeer application can link with a visitor. The cookie records which pages a visitor views. It is deleted after two years.


The Website employs an automated marketing solution called eMarketeer to gather data on visitor activity. eMarketeer stores a cookie for this purpose. Using this cookie, it is possible to identify a visitor’s browser. The eMarketeer cookie contains only a random text string (e.g. EmarketeerPing = Z3PxJgEvkY7eb2ikUDkf), and does not store any data that would allow identification of a particular visitor. When you visit the Website, eMarketeer’s tracking script sends a string as shown above, together with the Website’s URL, to eMarketeer’s server in Ireland. These data are collected for use in marketing and optimisation.

If you have previously provided eMarketeer with your personal data (name, email address and other information), your existing profile will be attached to the text string along with the Website’s URL. We will use this data solely to provide you with targeted marketing materials. We only share such data with eMarketeer, which stores them. You can turn off data collection and storage at any time by blocking the eMarketeer cookie via your browser settings.

Deletion of cookies

You can decide whether you wish to accept or refuse storage of cookies. You can also block cookies via your browser settings. Please note that there are tools which can survey and/or provide you with an overview of cookies used on website you visit. Read more about cookies and how to administer them here.